Sunday, January 9, 2011

What is a Phlumbudge?

Searching through Christies' records of past lots sold, I came across a listing for a Burne-Jones set of cartoons and drawings. I am a sucker for his caricature work, and I was captivated by the descriptions of what was included in the lot. I especially loved this part:

The album also contains some of the whimsical drawings that Burne-Jones was always making. Connoisseurs will recognise such familiar themes as the amorous love-birds and the 'wallypug', one of a series of amiable mythical beasts (the 'phlumbudge', a fat little bird, was another) with which he entertained his children - children, that is, of all ages, including, as his wife put it, 'the child that was always in himself' (Memorials II, p. 66).

There is no image of a wallypug or a phlumbudge. What do you think they look like?


Von said...

Bit like a small Dodo with colourful plumage.

Hermes said...

I missed that and love them like you - show another side to the great man.