Friday, October 1, 2010

Mermaids on Etsy (Waterhouse)

My husband and I are planning a little vacation to Key West, so warm oceans and mermaids have been on my mind. A recent search of Etsy brought forth these treasures from the deep.

The above two stunning creations are both from Etsy vendor Beadedbear, and are hand-beaded works of art. Absolutely mind-blowing!

Also lovely, these earrings from Etsy vendor Poppenkraal.

And of course, the incomparable Etsy vendor Baba Studio.


Hermes said...

Just shows these images are timeless. Have a great vacation.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Grace. This is off-theme but I was noodling around the Internet this morning and came across the following, which intersects the PreRaphaelite Universe and the world of Leonard Cohen. Hopefully the HTML tag will work; if not you can find it on YouTube by searching for Anjani, Leonard Cohen, and Nightingale.

Robert H