Friday, April 9, 2010

Help Support a Worthy Arts Project

My friend, the talented film maker Lisa Stock, is working on an incredible production. She is blending the character of Titania with the Armless Maiden fairy tale, and making an amazing mythic film series. However, she needs help, support, and backing! Pledges start at just $5, and you will know that you've helped to make this beautiful project a reality.

Lisa is truly a modern mythmaker, and part of a larger community of talented artists. She supports the work of others (she has featured the amazing Linden Sidhe's antlers in her film Brother and Sister, and the Titania prequel she hopes to shoot next month will feature a wing necklace created by Jen Parrish), and deserves support for her own creative endeavors!

To donate, please go here.


Valerie Meachum said...

This looks amazing -- all the best to her!

Thanks also for the heads-up on another support-gathering resource. I've already been in one feature supported through IndieGoGo, and have been cast in another shooting this summer. Huzzah for the tireless people creating these communities for independent creators!

Valerie Meachum said...

And now that I've looked through her website: Better yet, the soundtrack composer is a friend-of-a-friend and online acquaintance who does fantastic stuff. Hooray!

Grace said...

Valerie, what a wonderful discovery!!

Anonymous said...

Will do. I know she's very talented. I love her work.