Saturday, March 20, 2010

William Morris: MIA at Target

Some of you may know about this already, but one week ago tomorrow, Target premiered its new Liberty of London line of products sold exclusively in their stores and online. I got a heads-up from a friend on this new line of products (everything from bicycles to dresses, all in LoL patterns) and was eagerly anticipating the day when I could see all that was available.

I searched the website last Sunday, only to find that not only were all the prints newer style (i.e. cute but quite 60s-2000s-looking) but there was no William Morris to be seen! Liberty of London and Morris to me are synonymous, and I was shocked that they wouldn't use his patterns.

So this afternoon I went with my husband to the stores to try on some of their LoL dresses (all unflattering on me) and see what housewares they had. And in-person, I finally found a William Morris pattern.

Allow me to introduce the "Dunclare" set of canisters, size medium. Of course size small and size large both are completely unrelated black and white non-Morris patterns, and therefore I had no use for a single canister, but at least it's William Morris at Target. ONE single canister with Morris's Sunflower pattern, uncredited, in the entire Liberty of London line.

(PS: I did also find a clipboard in the office section with the Sunflower pattern on it the best of my knowledge, that's it for the entire line)

I'm simultaneously giddy to see Morris at Target, and disappointed that there isn't more.


Von said...

Not sure whether I consider it's a shame or not..jury still out on this one!

Medieval Muse said...

Remember the pretty Morris & Co. mugs I found at Marshalls? TJMaxx now how about 6 designs - including Trellis and Windrush. So, so pretty.

mo said...

check out another take on the new Target line:

"Theberton" pattern looks suspiciously like Morris's "Vine".

cheers, mo

Edain said...

Congratulations, I have awarded you a 'Beautiful Blogger' award! :)

Tammie Lee said...

congratulations on your find,, it was sounding hopeless.

Grace said...

It surely is ironic to see mass produced Morris pieces, Hermes, but I'd still love to own one if it was nice :)

Mo, thanks for the heads-up! You're right, and I didn't catch that at all!

Thanks so much, Edain!!!

Tammie Lee, I'm still sad there isn't more in the line!

Lisa, I think a friend picked up a couple of mugs for me!