Monday, February 22, 2010

Baba Studio Strikes Again!

I've featured Baba Studio before on my blog, but they've struck gold again (and always do!) with their prototype new Evelyn De Morgan wrap, and Burne-Jones corset (left model, picture 2, click picture to see larger).

Sadly, it is my understanding that they haven't successfully found a way to produce the Burne-Jones corset for available sale, but they are working on making a new line of Pre-Raphaelite high quality wraps for sale in their store soon.

Baba Studio has a really great graphic arts eye for knowing what artworks will work in what mediums, and that knowledge really shines through in this corset and wrap.


Anonymous said...

I think you should tag your posts or organize your posts in some way. Your blog is so hard to navigate! I searched for some old photography post forever and, as much as I love this blog, looking post by post is NOT fun!

Grace said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Anonymous. Sorry you had a hard time re-finding that post. When I'm trying to refind a post to refer to it in the new one, I find Blogger's "Search" window in the upper left corner to be helpful. I may eventually be able to go back and add tags to the posts, but man...that's going to be a project for a rainy day. :)

GatherYeRosebuds said...

I'm sure after Anonymous found the search bar he/she was fine. :P
I do wish you had a "follow this blog" button though! ;)

Grace said...

Rosebuds, I thought it did have an option to follow it through Blogspot's homepage?