Wednesday, October 21, 2009


While googling the term "Lamia", I came across this image in a blog that fascinated me. I have no idea what it's from, since the original link no longer works. But it is a beautiful image reminsicent of Waterhouse's Lamia.

Edit: After a quick search, I found more!! Oh please check out this link for more gorgeous photographic interpretations of Waterhouse! (Saving images from the site is disabled, which I will respect and not repost here, but trust me...go look!)


Hermes said...

What an amazing site Grace - some wonderful interpretations.

almeriane said...

Just follow the link of the site you reccommand. There are such beautiful pictures!!! I really enjoy the interpretations, she made of the paintings. Thank you very much for the link!
By the way, I add your blogs in my artistic one (as I´m a Spanish painter)because I found them very interresting!!!
Best regards from the South of Spain!!! Almeriane.

BICKC C. said...

Hello Grace i just had to pop in to say HI!!

I love the Piccys they are wonderful!!

I love Pre Raph Art to me it 'is' art!!

I hope you get to see the BBC TV series 'Desperate Romantics' about the 'Pre Raph Brotherhood' the actress who plays Lizzie like you has wonderful autumn hair!!

I live in Cornwall/England quite near Tintagel and the Castle so the Arthurian Legend is strong here and i love the Pre Raph Art surrounding it!!

Anyhoo lovely to meet you please take care!!Byeeee!!BICK C!!x

Barbara said...

Oh, Grace, what a beautiful find! Thanks for posting this. Oh, to be a model in one of those photographs! A dream come true! Thanks again!

Grace said...

Thanks, everyone! Almeriane, thank you for adding my blogs! Bick C, I watched Desperate Romantics, and though I had mixed feelings about it, I did enjoy it overall :)

Barbara, Hermes, they did do an especially good job, didn't they?