Monday, October 27, 2008

A New Game

I thought it might be fun to occasionally play a game on this blog called "who can identify the familiar inspiration artwork for this?"

Today we got in the book Chalice by Robin McKinley at the library. I thought the cover art was very Pre-Raphaelite-looking, but it wasn't until I was looking at the art again a few hours later that I noticed what the inspiration artwork was.

Can you name it? Let's see who can guess right first.


Kajivar said...

My first thought was "Windflowers," but then I settled on "Miranda - The Tempest."

Grace said...

I thought just the same at first (Windflowers) but when I saw her little pouch, I realized it was the latter.

That was a fast answer! Well done!

Stephanie Pina said...

That is a beautiful book cover.
I would have commented sooner, but I haven't been online much lately, having been addicted to election coverage. I may be able to wean myself now that the election is over.

Grace said...

Hi Stephanie! Good to see you back. Believe me...I've been distracted too ;)