Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mine eyes on thine

Today's planned topic was supposed to be men in Pre-Raphaelite art. However, a very perfunctory search of Art Magick's website showed me that this was far too ambitious a topic for just one post. Instead, by searching out pictures of men and women in art, I discovered a thematic set of rules for men, on the topic of gazing and the opposite sex.

Rule #1: If you are staring at a woman, or nuzzling her devotedly, she should be demurely gazing away. This is the sign of a true and wonderful lady.

Rule #2: If a woman locks eyes securely with you, it means she either is a sorceress, or you are both under a spell. Use extreme caution.
Rule #3: If you feel like someone is gazing at you, or if a pretty young boy is looking at you, it could mean that a modest and good woman is staring at you secretly or in disguise. This is the only way for a woman of good standing to gaze openly upon her object of interest.

The images shown above are merely the best examples...after searching Art Magick, there are countless more examples of these "rules" of gazing.

These rules of gazing between the sexes have been brought to you by the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and its followers.


Margaret said...

Great stuff! I love the Waterhouse "Echo and Narcissus" painting at the bottom--it's one of my favourites. I think he's a bit to pre-occupied with himself to notice she's staring at him!

You've been tagged to do an archive post. Visit my blog for more details!

Aurora said...

I was GREATLY entertained by this article! :D (And really--you always come up with the best illustrations for your articles! :))

Grace said...

Margaret, maybe he's just preening himself to prepare for her! (just kidding...I know the myth)

Aurora, thanks!! I enjoyed finding these pictures. Sadly, these tongue-in-cheek rules for behavior between the sexes mask some of the ridiculous ideas they had of how women should behave. I'm quite glad I am now allowed to stare at my beloved unabashedly!